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I’m a designer and idea maker by nature; it’s what I love to do. 

My inspirations are everywhere: music, food, travel, outsider art, furniture, and planet earth are just a few. I believe that inspirations should make their way into your work – because they instigate really interesting, thoughtful design concepts.

Professionally, I’ve gotten my sea legs working with agencies, in-house, and freelancing. I collaborate as much as possible and you will often find me wandering into lectures, networking events or galleries to get out of my bubble.

I’m a huge believer in mentors — experiences are lessons that are meant to be shared. I have many badass mentors and I myself am a mentor to a PSU design graduate. My inner tigress will always fight to elevate women in our field.

The dirty truth is, I’m yet another California transplant to Portland … but I can’t say I’m sorry, because I love it here

I’m currently on the hunt for my next gig, so let’s go grab a drink and chat. 


P.S.: You look amazing today.

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