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    I once was a native Californian — but like the rest of the country, I now live in Portland, Oregon (sorry, I'm not sorry!)
    I'm a designer and idea maker by nature; it's what I love to do and I've been dedicated to my craft for over 15 years.
    The conceptual side of my brain is constantly seeking the wild and interesting ideas that make what I do so much fun. 
    Learning and growing through experience is always part of my agenda.
    My inspirations are everywhere: music, food, street art, furniture, and planet earth are just a few.
    I think that inspirations should make their way into your work – and passion breeds thoughtfulness.

    When it comes to my professional life, I've gotten my sea legs working with agencies, in-house art departments, and freelancing. 
    Now that I’m amongst the tall trees, hipsters, and delicious libations in Portland — I can finally pretend to retire.
    I’d rather work with some of the badass creatives here, so let's go grab a drink and chat.
    Thanks for stopping by!