Ad Campaign: LBC Auditor's Office
  • New Campaign Ads
  • Paycheck Inserts
    Message about fraud is attached to employee paychecks
  • 4-Fold Brochure
  • Website Integration
  • The Old Campaign (yes, really.)
project description
This was a group competition to re-design the anti-fraud messaging for the Long Beach City Auditor's office. My group’s 'Clarifying Fraud' integrated campaign was selected as the winner out of three entries. It was officially rolled out in late 2012.

I art directed and came up with the idea for “Let’s Be Clear” logotype, as the voice of the campaign. I helped write the funny quotes about types of fraud. I also pitched in with ideas for campaign materials. I finalized the production of the print ads and oversaw final printing. I worked with the web developer to finalize the new fraud page of the website.

- Long Beach City Employees
- Workers contracted with the city
- Any person witnessing fraud against the city

- Having a serious conversation about fraud, but with an approachable look and feel.
- Smart and funny.
- A bright and fresh take on an old, forgotten topic.
Advertising, Copywriting, Creative Direction