Graphic User Interface: CareConnect
  • The CareConnect Device and Stylus
    General display with time, date and weather forecast
  • CareConnect Device and App
    App for smartphones and tablets allows for communication with the at-home device
  • Device in Digital Photo Frame Mode
  • Digital Menu & Icon Designs
    Given to programmers overseas with artwork, instructions and a style guide
project description
This project was creating the user interface for a newly designed touchscreen home healthcare communication device.

I worked with the head engineer to design all icons and menu screens, then worked with programmers to direct the user experience, so that it is simple, user friendly and intuitive. Overall designs:
- 60+ screens for digital menu
- 25 navigation icons
- 15 pop-up screens
- 10 modified icons for app
- weather icons
- emoticons
- icons for hard buttons
- drop down menus

- Ages 65+
- Users not savvy enough to use a smartphone or tablet.
- Users with medical conditions that require close monitoring.

- Friendly and approachable.
- Simple, yet helpful technology.
- Caring for family connections.
- Home medical care with ease.
- Independence for aging family members.
Graphic Design, Icon Design, UI/UX